Why choose NxGen?

We have been able to create a special niche for the organization besides to attain the maximum level of client satisfaction. Our professionals frequently communicate with the clients to know about their specification &serve them accordingly.

The Factors
that make us a preferred choice

Quality Waste Management
Customization Facility
Market-leading Prices
Timely Delivery
Transparent Business Dealings
Providing innovative products
Customer satisfaction
Ethical Business Policy

Choose NxGen
as your ideal partner to implement the followings

GMP & EOHS Initiatives
Recycle waste to generate revenue
Effectively manage data security & recycle the waste
Swatch Bharat initiatives
EPR initiatives (Extended Producer Responsibility)
CSR initiatives (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Join the Circle Economy & benefits your enterprises, Society & Environment
Covid Pandemic Waste Management
Implement Bio Medical Waste Management Rules 2016
our mission

We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well being of the community. Our mission is to create cleaner safer environment in which we live by working together with our stakeholders to improve the local environmental quality.To provide management solution in an environment friendly manner and recycling of the same to produce renewable products for mass consumption i.e converting waste to wealth


To set up development center for waste treatment and management covering all types of wastes, with specific emphasis on municipal waste, wet waste, plastic waste, e-waste, hazardous waste and medical waste & coming with solutions best suited for Indian conditions

our products

  • all products
  • Municipal waste shredder
  • E-waste shredders
  • Pharma Waste Shredder
  • Reverse vending machine
  • Medical waste shredder
  • Cardboard Shredder
  • composting machine
  • conveyors
  • Trommels / Screening Machines
  • Baler
waste management
Municipal waste shredder
waste management
E-waste shredders
waste management
Pharma Waste Shredder
waste management
Reverse vending machine
waste management
Medical waste shredder
waste management
Cardboard Shredder
waste management
composting machine
waste management
waste management
Trommels / Screening Machines
waste management
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